About Us


GE Display Picture2Garry Emshey 


Garry first came up with the Wedge Wind Turbine concept in 2009. Living in Calgary, Alberta he saw thousands of kilowatts of wind energy uncaptured around the city and in the foothills of the Rockies. Using his 25 years of experience working with turbines in the oil and gas industry, he designed a device that is robust enough to stand up to the sometimes-turbulent-sometimes-peaceful Alberta gales, but quiet enough to use around the city and affordable to even small local businesses. Garry now holds the patents for the Wedge Wind Turbine in three countries and continues to consult on innovative technology solutions in the energy industry. He is working closely with local academic instutions and design engineers on R&D to perfect a working Wedge Wind Turbine model.  

LL Display Picture.jpgLori-Lee Emshey 


When Garry first invented Wedge Technologies he wanted it to be a 'retirement project.' His daughter, Lori-Lee had different ideas. She saw the potential for the Wedge Turbine to have a real impact in the world and help Garry found the start-up in 2009. Lori-Lee holds an Honors Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto and a Master's from New York University where she was a graduate fellow. She has written on renewable energy for Shell on the Energy Collective, molecular chemistry for Life Rattle Press and on culture, technology and expatriate life for Forbes, The Daily Beast, Afar, and many more. She is also the founder of Future Sight AR, an augmented reality solutions company.