The Wedge Wind Turbine has several applications that set it apart from other renewable energy solutions, including:

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To feed into the grid as part of a SmartGrid system in and around urban areas.



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In extreme environments, such as alpine, desert or tundra where traditional turbines cannot operate. 



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Along coastlines, river valleys or offshore, without obstructing views.



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A low-profile and safe alternative for community and residential renewable energy.



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In places where water is needed more than electricity, the turbine can be used as a pump.



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Coupled with an ancillary unit, it can desalinate seawater to make it drinkable.



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 Compressing gas, for storage or to move along a pipeline.



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Recycling water through hydroelectric dams in AC mode, where water levels are low.



For all of these applications the Wedge Wind Turbine can work in AC or DC mode. Coupled with the protective shroud, the turbine can dial itself back, so battery banks are not necessary.