Design and Operation

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We designed the Wedge Wind Turbine to overcome the short-comings faced by three-blades, other alternative wind technologies, and solar. We did this by combining the favorable aspects of these technologies, along with some entirely new design components. What we achieved was: 

Multiblade _icon


A new design multi-blade horizontal axis impulse-type wind turbine.



Low Profile _Icon


Low-profile turbine assemblies and generator mounted on a circular monorail which are supported by several vertically curved legs. The unit operates only a few meters above the ground or is roof mounted.


Rotate _icon


An on-board electronic control system, that while in operation will monitor the wind direction and re-position the unit to maintain the optimum angle of incidence (optimum angle at which the air flows through the turbine blades).


Dynamic _icon


A dynamic and innovative design that can be configured for several applications: power generation, on-board gas compression, or on-board pumping.



Shroud _icon


An inner shroud mechanism. The inner shroud will be used to control the unit’s energy output and will also be used as the "Fail Safe" device. In Fail Safe mode the turbine’s blades are protected by physically shielding them.


Material _icon


The ability to manufacture the turbine’s proprietary blades out light non-metallic materials, thanks to the protective shroud. These materials are highly resistant to fatigue.


Modular _icon


A modular machine design and with support structures that are fabricated with light strong tubular material.



Maintain _icon


Easily maintained components that can, if required, be dismantled and relocated with little difficulty.