LNG Technology & Commissioning Consulting


As part of our commitment to building a sustainable energy future, Wedge Technologies also works with bridging solutions that help fill the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy. The most popular resource recently has been liquefied natural gas or LNG. 

Compared to other resources LNG is considered to be the cleanest burning hydrocarbon. This means it has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions relative to fossil fuel alternatives. While LNG is not carbon neutral a transition to reliance on natural gas and away from energy sources like coal, will help to reduce the amount of CO2 produced.

Wedge Technologies offers consulting services for energy companies that require innovative LNG technology solutions and for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies that need assistance with commissioning, start-up and operation of a project anywhere in the world. We have already assisted in commissioning LNG plants in Qatar, Australia, Nigeria and the US, LNG fueling stations in Canada and the world's largest regasification terminal in South Hook, Wales.

If you are interested in our LNG Consulting services please contact us through our website.