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The Patented Wedge Wind Turbine is a newly designed multi blade horizontal axis wind turbine – H.A.W.T.

This ground-breaking innovative design offers an alternative wind turbine product to the domestic / light industrial consumer where typical 3-blades or variations of 3 blades are not always the consumer’s best choice.

The Wedge wind Turbine is very well suited for roof-top power generation and we are in an ideal position to take advantage of an under-utilized urban wind turbine market. Our wind turbines would be installed on commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, government buildings, ski resorts, remote research facilities, field office trailers, farms, etc.

Versatility within design allows the Wedge Wind Turbine to be configured for applications other than power generation. Applications such as: air or gas compression, pumping fresh water for irrigation, or pumping seawater for desalination. Trailer or skid mounted units will provide transportable power for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Unit cost effectiveness and reliability are paramount to the success of the product. The turbine blades will be manufactured out of high strength plastic material and non-corroding sheet metal will be used in the turbine assembly outer cowlings. Strong light metal tubular material will be used to manufacture the support structures. Simplicity in the design and construction will keep unit costs to a point where our wind turbines are affordable to a wide range of consumers - both domestic and commercial.

Smaller turbine blades are naturally stronger therefore a unit will operate in a variety of harsh wind environments.(geographical locations where wind conditions are too excessive for most 3 blade lift type wind turbines - areas such as mountain sides, high wind coastal locations, deserts, or in frigid places such as Antarctica or the far north)

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